Selection of length / quantity
PRODUCTION of hair extensions
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How to select length and amount of strands of extension hair?

Common recommendations from SLAVIC HAIR Company:

  • Do not choose hair longer than two times from your original length, otherwise there is a possibility of transition to be seen.
  • If you chose to use hair extension for the first time, we recommend to stop at the length of 40-50 cm (approximately till the shoulder blade or elbow). This way they look more natural. It should be told about the fact that the longer the hair, the more difficult it will be to take care for them. Besides it is quite uncomfortable in day-to-day life with hair longer than 60 cm.
  • It is important to consider that same length can look different with different growth.
  • Usually with average density of own hair you are going to need from 125 to 150 strands, and if you have thick locks – around 150 – 175 strands. To make your haircut look natural and to avoid additional pressure on your own hair we do not recommend extend strands in amount more than it needed.
  • For short haircut you are going to need not less than 150 strands to make your hair look thicker. If you want to extend not length but volume, 75 strands are more than enough . Hair extensions on every woman will look different. This depends on oval face shape, haircut and shape of your head.
  • We need to note that the amount of strands and it length in every separate case will be defined during the consultation, coming from the state of the hair, their density and desired result.

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