PRODUCTION of hair extensions
Обратный звонок


  • The palette consists of 25 shades.
  • Product length 30,40,45,50,55,60 cm
  • Natural structure, straight, curls, wave.
  • Natura  look of hair tips.
  • Collection of the material happens on the territory of former Soviet Republics, only Slavic hair.
  • Cuts not taken from different heads
  • Hair processing act does not require intensive chemical usage.
  • No «bulk, rough» hair.
  • Expensive industrial dyes, shampoos, balms, special equipment, made for the priority of product’s quality.

Hair features:

  • No silicon on the hair
  • Natural unharmed cuticle
  • Hair can be colored (tinted) and curled
  • Extended period of usage: professional line up to 1 year, special up to 8 months.

Necessary conditions – follow all the rules of care, usage and making corrections!