Product description
PRODUCTION of hair extensions
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Advantages of CAPSULES by SLAVIC HAIR Company

  • Maximum span of usage. Minimum 2 to 3 corrections, lasts 6 to 8 month with proper care
  • Optimum capsule size  8*8 mm. Keep own hair look natural without spoiling it's natural structure.
  • Perfect strand weight. It is very important not overweight own hair and make extension even.
  • Authentic Italian refractory keratin. Secure binding to own hair. Perfect look.
  • No hair loss from the capsule. We developed our own unique method of capsule production.
  • Quick hair correction. Strands are easy to remove with help of professional extension removal products.
  • Can be tinted and curled. Our extension hair easily suits every client.

Advantages of TAPES by SLAVIC HAIR Company

  • Tape size is 28*8 mm. Uniquely thin and elastic, very comfortable after extension.
  • Perfect for correction. Special production technology prevents from fracture during correction.
  • Wide usage possibilities. Standard way of extension or just fold the tape and make a «microtape».
  • Versatility. Our tapes can be easily used during extension in the temple area and near the hairline.
  • Extra quick binding of the strands. One of the fastest extension technologies.
  • Filling quality control. Hair’s tape distribution goes without gaps and even along the length.
  • Can be tinted and curled. Our extension hair can easily suit to every client.

Advantages of CUTS by SLAVIC HAIR Company

  • Perfect drawn line. All hair in the tail are pulled up into one straight line and there is no need to worry for extra loss during extension.
  • Professional packaging. Hair in the tail won’t be falling out during the transportation and storage because of our special winding technique.
  • Can be used for every type of extension: Hollywood, Italian, Spanish, French and others.
  • Optimal for tresses. Our cuts keep natural mixture of hair in the tail, even length distribution along the whole tress.
  • Can be tinted and curled. Our extension hair can easily suit to every client.