Why we
PRODUCTION of hair extensions
Обратный звонок
HONESTY    We are honest with ourselves and our clients. Combination of high competence and faith in the fact that good reputation helps to build strong partnership which is so important for working with people makes as absolutely honest.Honesty helps to conquer the clients and set a strong partnership especially with new clients.
COMPETENCE    We hold a great knowledge about hair and everything related to them. Distinctive features of product’s quality and advantages of extension — not gained from the rumors but from many years of experience. Thereby we always keep our high level of competence in every aspects related to hair extensions.
INDIVIDUAL   APPROACH   We offer a unique product called «Personal selection». This is a combination of products and services which gives us an opportunity to form a better deal for every client. Our professional managers will offer a best form of communication, fast and affordable delivery and also beneficial compains and offers from the company.
TRUST    More and more clients trust us with each and every year. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of extension hair: we work with more than 3000 stylists around Russia and more than 1000 in Europe. Many of our clients are beauty salons, shops and also wholesale companies.
EFFICIENCY    We ship your orders on the payment receipt day, that is why you receive your orders in the shortest amount of time. Also we work with 4 best transport companies which allows us to select the best delivery for every region.
CONVENIENCE     We aspire to create the most comfortable partnership conditions with our company. Which means: convenient payment option, to choose our products, personal manager will select the best way of communication with the client. And also, delivery in shortest terms and for affordable price.
CONTROL    We control all the process from selecting materials to receiving an order by the client with the help of multistep system. Which allows us to execute all stages of work flawlessly.
SUPPORT    Our clients receive all-around support from our company. We help in individual selection of hair, proper selection of color, length and structure.
TEAM    We are professional team of specialists with enormous experience in this field.
CONTINUOUS   PARTNERSHIP    We are oriented on continuous partnership with our clients, partners and employees.