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Обратный звонок

SLAVIC HAIR Company puts all efforts into satisfaction of our clients leaving them pleased with their purchase. But sometimes there are situations in which product did not suit for some reasons. Common rules of return and compensation of funds for products are listed below:


Standard politic of returning the products is regulated by the current legislation of Russian Federation. In accordance to the «Consumer Protection Act» and based on the «List of goods not suitable for return and exchange», approved by the Order of Government of Russian Federation from January 29th 1998 № 55 (in edition Order of the Government of Russian Federation from 1998 № 1222) clause 2. «Personal hygiene products (tooth brushes, combs, barrettes, curlers for hair, wigs, shinions and other similar products)» are not suitable for return and exchange. Other products can be returned and exchanged over the course of 14 days since the purchase. Return of the products of bad quality is acceptable if  it was not used, damaged including its packaging (stickers; labels with product’s characteristics; original package) and also information which proves the fact and conditions of purchase of given product saved.

Compensation of funds

When the return of the product will be agreed on by customer support and will return to our stock, the process of funds compensation will start. Funds will be returned to your account over the course of 10 working days depending on the form of the return which was agreed on.
Please pay attention that the cost of the return shipment will not be compensated.


To agree on the return of the product and for additional information please contact customer support service via email Please mention the date of purchase, its short description with the reason for the return.